Anticorrosion Steel Pipe

Anticorrosion Steel Pipe

3PE anticorrosion steel pipe includes seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe. As a three layer polyethylene coating (MAPEC) external corrosion resistant pipe, it is commonly used both domestic and abroad. Three-layer polyethylene (3PE) anti-corrosion coating has good corrosion resistance, resistance to water vapor permeability and mechanical properties. It is widely used in the oil pipeline industry. The anti-corrosion coating of 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe is also critical to the usage life of buried pipelines. Some corrosion resistant pipes buried in the ground for decades are non-corrosive, while the same type of pipes buried for few years leak, because they use different outer coatings. There are IPN8710, FBE epoxy powder, coal tar epoxy and other anticorrosive ways.

Standards for Anticorrosion Steel Pipe
  • Outer coating of corrosion resistant pipes is mainly used for corrosion protection before pipes are buried under ground. There are several standards for it including NF A49-710, DIN30670, CAN CSA 21, CAN 20, T0413, SY, T0315 and other relevant national standards about steel pipe external corrosion.
  • Inner coating of anticorrosion steel pipes is used to reduce pipeline investment and operation and maintenance costs. Its materials can be Q235B, Q345B, 10 # steel, 20 # steel, X42-X80 grade, and so on. The standards for it include NF A49-709, API RP 5L2, SY, T0457 and other relevant national standards about the inner coating of corrosion resistant pipes.

Use 3PE anticorrosion steel pipe is extensively used in the underground coal mine water supply and drainage, underground guniting, positive and negative pressure ventilation, gas drainage, fire sprinkler, etc. It can used as cable protection casing in electricity, telecommunications, highways and others. JST corrosion resistant pipe is widely applied in high-rise building water supply, heating network, water works, gas transportation, underground water pipe and other pipes. The anticorrosion steel pipe can also be used as oil pipeline, processing pipe for conveying corrosive media in chemical and pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing industries.

Advantages of JST Corrosion Resistant Pipe
  • JST External Anticorrosion Steel Pipe
  • (1) Single-Layer FBE Coating
    Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, insulation resistance and long service life, epoxy powder coating becomes one of the most advanced external anti-corrosion coatings of pipe.
  • (2) Double-Layer FBE Coating (Two-Layer FBE Corrosion Coating)
    This coating of corrosion resistant pipe is of composite structure. It consists of anti-corrosion epoxy powder bottom layer and resistance to mechanical damage type epoxy powder surface layer.
  • (3) Two-Layer PE/PP Coating
    This coating of external anticorrosion steel pipe has good corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, longer service life and a certain degree of resistance to mechanical injury.
  • (4) Three-Layer PE/PP Coating
    This coating of corrosion resistant pipe is with good corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, longer service life and a certain degree of resistance to mechanical injury. It has been widely used for corrosion resistance in various large-scale pipeline projects. Its thickness varies according to the pipe size.
  • JST Internal Anticorrosion Steel Pipe
  • We can carry out internal anticorrosion inside all DN100-1500MM pipes. They spray iron red antirust paint or two-component liquid epoxy paint or other coatings specified by users to do anticorrosion process for the internal pipe wall after treatment. 3PE anticorrosion coating of corrosion resistant pipes generally consists of three layers: the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE> 100 um), the second adhesive layer (AD, 170 um to 250 um) and the third layer of polyethylene (PE, 2.5 mm to 3.7 mm). In the actual operation, the three materials will be mixed, processed and firmly bonded with anticorrosion steel pipes to form a good coating. The processing methods generally include winding and round mould coating.
  • JST possesses Φ110 Accu-Roll pipe mill, Φ140 Assel pipe mill and Φ273 Diesel pipe mill. They can be used in the corrosion resistant pipe production line.
  • JST anticorrosion steel pipe production line can be applicable to single FBE, double-layer FBE, double-layer PE, double-layer PP and 3PE anticorrosion layer. This line can process pipes with the minimum diameter of Φ104 mm (4 "), the maximum processing diameter of Φ1600 mm (63"), and the maximum processing capacity of 350m2/h or more. The production line for corrosion resistant pipe includes pipe transport system, surface treatment system, dust removal system, pipe heating system, electrostatic spraying system, coating system, cooling system, end cutting system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, detection system and electronic control system.
Specifications of JST Anticorrosion Steel Pipe
Nominal Diameter Range Outside Diameter Range (mm) Coating Type  Coating Layer Coating Thickness
DN100-600 114.3-609.6 3PE (Three-Layer Polyethylene) Inside Layer: Epoxy 2.0 mm to 4.5 mm
Mid Layer: Adhesive
Outside Layer: Polyethylene
2PE (Two-Layer Polyethylene) Inside Layer: Adhesive 2.0 mm to 4.5 mm
Outside Layer: Polyethylene
DN80-600 88.9-609.6 FBE (Epoxy)  Epoxy 200 um to 400 um
2FBE (Two -Layer Epoxy) Inside Layer: Epoxy 400 um to 800 um
Outside Layer: Intensity Epoxy
DN100-600 114.3-609.6 3PP (Three-Layer Polypropylene) Inside Layer: Epoxy 2.5 mm to 3 mm
Mid Layer: Adhesive
Outside Layer: Polypropylene

Technological Process Before corrosion treatment, 3PE corrosion resistant pipes need to enter into the steel tube platform for inspection, record and shot blasting for the outer surface of steel pipes. Check whether the cleanliness of the outer surface of anticorrosion steel pipes and profile depth are in compliance with requirements. Unqualified ones need to be repaired by hand grinding wheel. Wrap the pipe ends with adhesive tape. For dust treatment, corrosion resistant pipe is heated to the required temperature in medium-frequency heating. We use epoxy powder for coating. Adhesive extruder and PE extruder adopt side winding. Carry out water cooling for the anticorrosion steel pipes and spray logos on the qualified products. Pipes are taken away from the platform and stacked to be shipped.

Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory is a leading supplier and exporter of corrosion resistant pipes in China. We mainly manufacture structure pipe, fluid pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, API pipe, marine pipe, alloy pipe, tubing, casing, line pipe, etc. Our company sets up a steel tube technology R & D center with advanced pipe testing equipment. Through strict testing process, we are able to produce high quality anticorrosion steel pipes for customers. Our corrosion resistant pipes have been exported to the Middle East, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia and many other countries and regions.

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