Work in JST

JST conscientiously implements the ISO14001 environmental management standards for making seamless steel pipes, casing and tubing, etc. We also forms a rigorous environmental control system and thorough environmental constraint mechanism. Our company has gained the health and safety environmental management system certificate.

Under the guidance of scientific concept of development, JST effective operating rate and finished product rate of hot rolling are increased year by year. Steel consumption per ton, waste water emissions per ton and COD emissions per ton are reduced year by year. Each indicator is in the leading level in the industry. We not only create objective economic benefits, but also create a harmonious human environment.

People's livelihood is the basic of development and culture is the soul of enterprises. As the scale of new Changjiang enterprise growing from strength to strength, JST relies on a variety of corporate culture, internal cohesion, good image to realize that employees concerns corporate, and corporate cares for employees. Therefore, we can form a good corporate culture atmosphere.

Ecological Environment Index
  • Greening Rate
  • The village uses 450 acres to build ecological forest, lily pond and lotus pond. 1,000 acres of Changjiang Rhyme Forestry Ecological Park is under construction. The total green area is over 100 square meters with the green coverage rate reaching 40%. Changjaing is in a good environment.
  • Energy Conservation
  • To achieve environmental purpose, scientific development and sustainable development, the whole company is making efforts to take environmental actions. Changda Steel invests more than 10 million to construct sewage treatment project. It has been put into operation. After treated by sewage treatment device and professional testing by the environmental protection department, the water quality of industrial wastewater in four steel rolling production lines fully meets environmental standards. The water can be specially recycled through water recovery system to achieve the wastewater target of zero discharge. We focus on technological innovation and equipment perfection. We adopt advanced production techniques for making seamless steel pipes, casing and tubing, etc. , and make efforts to reduce water, electricity and coal ash consumption. The use of TRT is beneficial to achieve energy saving and emission reduction. Chemical plant invests over one million yuan in building wastewater reuse equipment to realize recycling of water resources and to achieve zero discharge of sewage.
  • Green Tourism
  • We own 450 acres of ecological forest and invest 100 million yuan to build thousand acres of “Changjiang Star” agro-ecological park. We are building a new bright spot in agriculture, allowing you to closely contact with nature and enjoy the farm fun.
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