Steel-Making Mill

Jiangsu Changjiang Steel Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu New Changjiang Group, first-phase project with 800,000 m2 coverage and 1.5 billion yuan of investment. Since 2009, it has reached 6.9 billion yuan production value and 500 million yuan of taxes.

The company possesses seven mills including material mill, sintering mill, iron-making mill, steel-making mill, steel-rolling mill, motive mill and gristmill with more than 2,800 staff members. Now the company mainly produces high-quality continuous casting billet, with the annual production capacity of 1.3 million tons of cast iron, 1.5 million tons of steel, 700,000 tons of billet, 600,000 tons of bar, 2 million tons of screw-thread steel, 1 million tons of high speed wire rod and 2 million tons of medium plates for manufacturing steel pipe.

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