Technical Services

We provide excellent technical service for customers!

  • JST production process complies with PDCA circular total quality management system (TQMS). We strictly control the manufacturing technique of steel tubes. Besides, we can also carry out various inspections for steel pipes according to customers' requirements, such as eddy current testing, magnetic particle inspection, magnetic flux leakage inspection, ultrasonic joint inspection, etc.
  • We also attach great importance to personnel selection and training. Each inspection personnel must pass JST exam and get the work license to engage in the production of seamless steel tubes or seamless steel pipes. To enhance the overall quality of staff, JST has relevant trainings each month. Every year, we invite professionals to train our employees. We also send technicians to visit other factories and receive training.
  • JST has its own technical research and development center that is certificated by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS). This center can provide various inspections for each steel tube sample, such as sample processing, stretching, bending, impacting, spectrum, metallographic test and hardness inspection. The main R&D direction of this center is the development of petroleum pipe high-end products, covering the development of special fastener, anti-corrosion tubing in oil wells and high strength pipe, failure analysis of ultra high temperature and low temperature steel pipe, groove design of special rolled steel tubes.
  • We invite the third party for supervision. At present, more than ten companies have been supervised our factory for a long time. JST also sends technicians and inspectors to other plants for supervision and quality inspection.
  • Our company also provides 3PE anticorrosive processing technology service. 3PE anticorrosion is a multilayer coating system formed by combing North America FBE and European PE barrier protective layer. With excellent performance, it is also called “Never-Corrosion Anticorrosion System”. It is now widely used in oil transportation, gas transmission and water delivery engineering. It has also been applied in marine pipelines recently. 3PE anticorrosion production line is applicable for single layer FBE, double-layer FBE, double-layer PE, double-layer PP and 3PE corrosion resistant operation. This line includes steel tube or steel pipe transmission system, surface treatment system, tube body dust pelletizing system, pipe heating system, electrostatic spray system, coating system, cooling system, end cutting system, hydraulic and pneumatic system, detection system and electronic control system.
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