PSL-2 Line Pipe Applied in Marine

PSL-2 Line Pipe Applied in Marine

PSL 2 line pipe is typically used for transporting oil and gas in the marine environment. This marine seamless steel line pipe has good toughness, resistance to sulfide corrosion cracking (SSCC) and resistance to hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) resistance, which improves the site weldability of steel. The higher the tempering temperature is, the lower steel tensile strength, yield strength and Vickers hardness are, but the higher the elongation and toughness are. This is conducive to be used in the marine pipelines. PSL 2 line pipe lowers carbon content and increases the quenching temperature. Based on guaranteeing hardenability, Charpy impact property of this marine seamless steel line pipe can be further improved with a lower transition temperature. The standards include DNV-OS-F101, API 5L and ISO 3183.


In view of the special use environment for PSL 2 line pipe, we must carry out strict inspection, including online weld joint inspection, flattening test, hydrostatic testing, offline welding inspection, outside inspection, pipe end inspection, physical and chemical property inspection, etc.
1. JST owns a number of inspection machines for this marine seamless steel line pipe, such as Germany full spectrum direct-reading spectrometer, Japan metallurgical microscope, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine and a variety of machine tools. Those machines for PSL 2 line pipe can be used for stretching, flaring, squashing, curling and other physical property test of metal specimen.
2. We adopt effective weld heat treatment process. After weld heat treatment, the crystalline grain has been refined significantly with the grain size of over 9.5.
3. The introduction of an effective heat treatment process significantly improves the weld strength of this marine seamless steel line pipe. The weld strength and pipe body strength can fully meet the strength requirements of marine pipeline. In order to obtain higher weld tensile strength, we adopt special heat treatment process, making the weld strength reach the level of the pipe body, even more than the PSL 2 line pipe.
4. Toughness is an important indicator to measure the welding seam performance. As different marine seamless steel line pipes have different use states, the requirements of impact temperature are also changed accordingly. The using environment is complex and it may be impacted by sea ice and other floating debris. The ambient temperature is low, so low temperature impact toughness requirements for pipes are more stringent. JST PSL 2 line pipes can meet such requirements.
5. JST has researched the chemical composition design, metallurgy continuous casting, hot rolling process and other aspects. We adopt low-carbon, lower P, S and Mn, and add moderate Cr, Mo, Ti and other alloying elements. This can reduce composition segregation and ensure a better strength and toughness of this marine seamless steel line pipe.
6. PSL 2 line pipes carry out the second party supervision, third-party supervision and third-party inspection. Currently there are more than 10 companies in long-term resident supervision. Almost all key drill pipes are in third-party or second party supervision.
7. JST makes use of advanced ERP information management system. From batch feeding to finished marine seamless steel line pipes, we strictly implement tracking management to ensure product traceability.
8. We manufacture PSL 2 line pipes in strict accordance with quality plan. There are different quality plans for new products development, mass production of products, major products and all of the second or third-party supervised products. We also hold preparation meetings before production and issue the quality plans to the relevant quality executive departments. The executive departments should produce and inspect marine seamless steel line pipes in strict accordance with quality plans to ensure product quality.

Performance of PSL-2 Line Pipe Applied in Marine Mechanical Properties
Standard Grade Mechanical Properties
Yield Strength (Mpa) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation (A5%)
DNV-OS-F101 API 5L ISO 3183 L245NO/BNO 245-450 415-760 ≥ 22
L290NO/X42NO 290-495 415-760 ≥ 21
L360NO/X52NO 360-565 460-760 ≥ 20
L415QO/X60QO 415-565 520-760 ≥ 18
L450QO/X65QO 450-570 535-760 ≥ 18
L485QO/X70QO 485-605 570-760 ≥ 18
L555QO/X80QO 555-675 625-825 ≥ 18

Technical Parameters Parameters of this marine seamless steel line pipe refer to the excel table.

Packaging and Transportation
  • 1. We should package PSL 2 line pipes in bundle before shipment. Each bundle should hang tags. The tag content should at least include the implementation of standards, specifications, quantity, grade, manufacturing methods, batch number, and so on.
    2. Our company provides land transportation and sea transportation for customers.

Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory is a leading exporter and trader of marine seamless steel line pipes. Our company is a large scale enterprise possessing the production capacity of 600,000 tons special seamless steel pipes. We mainly manufacture PSL 2 line pipe, structure pipe, fluid pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, API pipe, alloy pipe, tubing, casing, etc. With advanced technological equipment, tremendous technical strength and reliable product quality, our marine seamless steel pipes have been exported to the Middle East, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia and many other countries and regions.

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