Tube Processing Mill

JST owns four tube processing lines including upsetting line, tubing threading line, casing threading line and drill pipe welding line. The annual production capacity is up to 250,000 tons of tubings and casings and 20,000 tons of drill pipes with the size of Φ60.3 mm to 339.7 mm.

Upsetting line is equipped with three sets of GTR120/160 medium frequency induction heating furnaces and one set of 630 tons of upsetting unit. The annual production reaches 20,000 tons of tubings or 10,000 tons of drill pipes.

Threading line is equipped with two sets of QK1319-G CNC casing thread machines and three sets of Q1334H tubing thread machines, featuring high precision and high strength. Three domestic advanced hydrostatic machines can test tubes of Φ60 mm to 406 mm with the maximum pressure of 120 Mpa. Two sets of magnetic powder detection machines are aimed to check crack defects inside and outside within 500 mm away from the tube ends. It can process 180,000 tons of tubings and 70000 tons of casings every year.

Drill pipe welding line is equipped with one set of CG1600 inertial friction welder, 9 sets of Q1319-1A pipe threading machines, two sets of QK1319-A CNC pipe threading lathes, 7 sets of medium frequency induction heat treatment furnaces and one set of inner bore sharpening machine. The annual production of drill pipe is 20,000 tons.

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