Low Temperature Service Tubing and Casing

Low Temperature Service Tubing and Casing

JST provides low temperature tubing and casing for oil and gas wells in very low temperature conditions, including Arctic regions, where highly effective ductility and fracture toughness are required. If OCTG pipes for low temperature service do not have adequate impact toughness, they will fail for brittleness when exposed to low temperatures.

Features1. Our LT series tubing and casing are available in minimum yield strengths ranging from 55Ksi to 125Ksi.
2. Our OCTG pipes for low temperature service provide great toughness (Generally speaking, as yield strength increases, steel toughness decreases).
3. Our LT products are subjected to charpy testing at -45°C to determine its material toughness.
4. Minimum tensile strength of our low temperature tubing and casing ranges from 95Ksi to 135Ksi.
Mechanical Properties
Grade Minimum Yield Strength (Ksi) Maximum Yield Strength (Ksi) Minimum Tensile Strength (Ksi) CVN Absorbed Energy for CL 10 × 10 (MM) at -45º C
Min. Individual (Joule) Min. Average (Joule)
55LT 55 90 95 30 40
80LT 80 110 100 60 70
95LT 95 110 105 50 60
110LT 110 140 125 40 50
125LT 125 150 135 30 40
How to Achieve Steel with Strong Toughness for Low Temperature Tubing and Casing

1. Clean steel contains very little residual element and oxygen
2. Balanced chemical composition steel goes through high hardenability.
3. Heating processing technology in combination with chemical composition design ensures a very fine microstructure and high final tempering temperatures to promote the recovery process.

Established in 1984, Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory has been engaged in manufacturing tubing and casing for about 30 years. JST low temperature tubing and casing (OCTG pipes for low temperature service) are well appreciated for their advanced design, sophisticated manufacturing, excellent quality and full service. We mainly supply structure pipe, fluid pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, API pipe, marine pipe, alloy pipe, line pipe, etc. Our products are extensively used in metallurgy, port, ship-breaking, manufacturing, real estate, chemical engineering, transportation and other industries.

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