Cost Savings

Under the guidance of scientific concept of development, JST effective operating rate and finished product rate of hot rolling are increased year by year. Steel consumption per ton, waste water emissions per ton and COD emissions per ton are reduced year by year. Each indicator is in the leading level in the industry.

1. ERP Information System

  • It can improve the production and organization level.
  • This system establishes standard production system.
  • It improves equipment performance, reduces equipment accidents and fault time, and improves product quality.
  • ERP information system optimizes procurement process, improves procurement efficiency and reduces procurement costs.
  • It reduces inventory and costs, accelerates cash flow, reduces financial balance errors or delays, maximizes production capacity and minimizes system cost.
  • This system realizes design and production truly according to customers' needs, plan and control.
  • ERP information system adopts online contract quality review technique and automatic contract processing technology.
  • It owns a standardized, transparent and complete closed loop feedback system integrating data of dynamic and static process.
  • ERP information system fully reflects the enterprise's organic and integrated management thinking of logistics, business flow, capital flow, information flow and control flow.
  • It optimizes the management model to achieve centralized and consistent management.

2. Lean Production We have our own management culture, which follows Baosteel profound management experience, adheres to good planning budgeting system, has a strong passion for learning, adopts the learning method of bringing in and going out, and adopts lean production.

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