Offshore Line Pipe

Offshore Line Pipe

Introduction Offshore line pipes are used to transport combustible liquids and gases in offshore oil and gas industry. JST provides multiple submarine line pipes which are of various sizes and thickness. Our pipes have passed strict milling tests and possess distinct quality traceability. Besides, they have passed API 5L certification. It is also certificated by Norway DNV (Det Norske Veritas).


1. Among these DNV OS F101 line pipes, PSL-2 line pipes are featured by superior acid corrosion resistance.
2. Our pipes are made from superior steel castings. They present stable performance in applications.
3. Offshore line pipes possess high-quality surface and high straightness. Besides, processed by advanced sizing mills, they are with small diameter deviation and uniform thickness.
4. We can manufacture custom submarine line pipes according to certain specifications provided by clients.
5. To assure superior quality of our pipe products, we import various advanced inspection equipments, such as magnetic particle inspection machines, hydraulic press, British UNICORN ultrasonic joint inspection machine, and so on.
6. Featured by high cost performance, our offshore line pipes are popular among customers.


To make submarine line pipes possess high intensity and strong strength, we moderately add C, Mn and other elements into steel materials. With more carbon (C element), steel shows higher hardness, but they will present lower ductility and weaker toughness. To increase strong strength but maintain qualified ductility and toughness, we apply low carbon steel as materials.

Quality Standards for Offshore Line Pipes

1. API 5L Line Pipe
2. DNV OS-F101 Submarine Pipeline Systems
3. ISO 3183-1/2 Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries

Steel Grade of Submarine Line Pipe

1. API 5L Offshore Line Pipes
A/ B/ X42/ X46/ X52/ X56/ X60/ X65/ X70/ X80
2. ISO 3183-3 Pipe Lines
L245NC/ L245NCS/ L290NC/ L290NCS/ L360NC/ L360NCS/ L290MC/ L290MCS/ L360MC / L360MCS/ L415MC/ L415MCS/ L450MC/ L450MCS/ L485MC/ L485MCS/ L555MC

Sizes of Offshore Line Pipes

Outer Diameter: 219 mm to 1820 mm
Wall Thickness: 5.0 mm to 50 mm
Length: 6 mtr to 18 mtr

Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory is a leading supplier and exporter of offshore line pipes (submarine line pipes) in China. Our company is a large scale enterprise possessing the production capacity of 600,000 tons of special seamless steel pipes. We mainly manufacture structure pipe, fluid pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, API pipe, marine pipe, alloy pipe, tubing, line pipe, etc. Our line pipes have passed certification of DNV OS F101 and ISO 3183. They are exported to the Middle East, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia and many other countries and regions.

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