Anti-Corrosion Coating Line Pipe

Anti-Corrosion Coating Line Pipe

Introduction Nowadays, many types anti-corrosion coating are adopted for making corrosion resistant external anti-corrosion coating line pipes, such as 3PE 2PE 3PP FBE LPE coated pipes. Anti-corrosion technology extends service life of pipe equipment greatly and decreases economical loss caused by corrosion.

Current Perform Standard of External Anti-Corrosion Coating Line Pipe

1. 3PE Standard: DIN30670, CAN/CSA Z245.21, NFA49-710, GB/T23257, Etc.
2. FBE Standard: CAN/CSA Z245.20, SY/T0315, Etc.
3. 3PP Standard: DIN30678, NFA49-711, Etc.
4. Internal Anti-Corrosion Standard: API RP 5L2, Etc.
5. Anti-Corrosion Standard for PE Adhesive Tape: SY/T0414, SY/T4054, Etc.

Classifications of External Anti-Corrosion Coating Line Pipe

1. Single-Layer FBE Coating (FBE)
2. Double-Layer FBE Coating (2FBE)
3. Double-Layer PE/PP Coating (2PE/PP)
4. Three-Layer PE/PP Coating (3PE/PP)
5. Liquid epoxy coating (LBE)

JST External Anti-Corrosion Coating Line Pipe

1. Single-Layer FBE Coating Line Pipe
FBE external coating is a newly developed anti-corrosion layer. It adopts electrostatic spraying technology. This coating method is easy to operate. The FBE coating features polution free, excellent anti-impact and anti-bending performance, high temperature resistance, etc.   Due to the excellent corrosion resistance, insulation resistance and long service life of external anti-corrosion coating line pipe, epoxy powder coating becomes one of the most advanced external anti-corrosion coatings for pipeline.
2. Double-Layer FBE Coating (Two-Layer FBE Coating) Line Pipe
This coating of corrosion resistant pipe is of composite structure. It consists of anti-corrosion epoxy powder bottom layer and resistance to mechanical damage type epoxy powder surface layer. 3. Two-Layer PE/PP Coating Line Pipe
The first layer is adhesive (AD) and second layer is PE. This coating for external anti-corrosion coating line pipe has good corrosion resistance, insulation resistance, longer service life and a certain degree of resistance to mechanical injury.
4. Three-Layer PE/PP Coating Line Pipe

1) Three-Layer PE Coating Line Pipe: The first layer is FBE (>100um), the second layer is AD (170 um to 250um), and the third layer is PE (2.5mm to 3.7mm). These three materials together form great anti-corrosion layer on line pipe. External anti-corrosion coating line pipe with this type of coating features good insulation resistance, longer service life and a certain degree of resistance to mechanical injury. It has been widely used for corrosion resistance in various large-scale pipeline projects. Its thickness varies according to the pipe size.

2) Three-Layer PP Coating Line Pipe: Three-layer PP coating is mainly applied on high temperature medium (like water, gas and oil) transportation line pipes. Therefore, external anti-corrosion coating line pipe with this kind of coating is widely used in desert area, where the ground surface temperature is very high and sunshine duration is very long.

JST Internal Anti-Corrosion Coating for Pipeline

We can carry out internal anticorrosion inside all DN100-1500MM pipes. They spray iron red antirust paint or two-component liquid epoxy paint or other coatings specified by users to do anticorrosion process for the internal pipe wall after treatment. 3PE anticorrosion coating of corrosion resistant pipes generally consists of three layers: the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100 um), the second adhesive layer (AD, 170 um to 250 um) and the third layer of polyethylene (PE, 2.5 mm to 3.7 mm). In the actual operation, the three materials will be mixed, processed and firmly bonded with anticorrosion steel pipes to form a good coating. The processing methods generally include winding and round mould coating.

Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory is a leading manufacturer and supplier of seamless steel pipes and various special pipes in China. We mainly manufacture structure pipe, fluid pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, API pipe, marine pipe, alloy pipe, tubing, casing, line pipe, etc. The external anti-corrosion coating line pipes (3PE 2PE 3PP FBE LPE coated pipes) are adopted for all our pipes. Our products have been exported to the Middle East, CIS, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Australia and many other countries and regions.

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