API 5CT Series Tubing

API 5CT Series Tubing

API 5CT tubing is a pipe that transports crude and natural gas from the hydrocarbon zone to the pipe on the earth surface after drilling. This type of seamless oil pipe is used for withstanding the pressure generated in exploitation process. The outer diameter of the tubing ranges from 60.3 mm to 114.3 mm. Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory is a leading supplier and exporter of seamless steel tubes and various special pipes. JST API 5CT tubing adopts three-roll micro-tension sizing mill, six roller straightening machine and other advanced equipment to ensure our seamless oil pipes with thick pipe wall, high dimension precision, excellent mechanical property and good process performance. There are mainly three end finish methods or end processing methods for API 5CT tubing, including non-upset threaded and coupled, external upset threaded and coupled, and plain end or flat end.


This kind of seamless oil pipe is mainly used in oil well for extracting petroleum and natural gas.
1. Extracting Oil and Gas
After drilling an oil well and fixing it, place API 5CT tubing in the oil-string casing so as to extract oil and gas to the ground.
2. Water Injection
When the downhole pressure is not enough, it is necessary to use seamless oil pipes to inject water into the well.
3. Steam Injection
In the heavy oil thermal recovery process, we often use insulated API 5CT tubing to inject steam to the downhole.
4. Acidification and Fracturing

In order to improve the production of oil and gas wells, we need to transport acidulated and fractured media or condensate to the hydrocarbon reservoir (hydrocarbon zone). This process is finished through seamless oil pipes.

CertificationOur API 5CT tubings have gained API SPEC 5CT, API SPEC 5B and ISO11960 certifications.

  • 1. With advanced and fully integrated manufacturing facilities, JST is able to produce seamless oil pipes from 1.90" to 4-1/2" (outside diameter). Our products are manufactured complying with API grades and proprietary grades that allow us to offer the best solutions for each customer’s specific well conditions.
    2. All of our API 5CT tubings are manufactured in strict accordance with the quality standards. We hold a global ISO 9001 registration for our seamless oil pipes, following a uniform quality policy and applying a rigorous quality management system.
    3. Our company possesses two heat treatment production lines, configured with advanced heating equipment. Difference in temperature in furnace is less than or equal to 5℃, ensuring stable heating temperature. Equipped with inside spray and outside showering rotating cooling system, this line can make sure that water quenching of the API 5CT tubing cools uniformly. Two Siemens electronic control six roll straightening machines ensure the straightness of seamless oil pipes after heat treatment. There are mainly two specifications for the two production lines. The one is with the outer diameter of φ114 mm to 406 mm and the length less than or equal to 13.5 m, and the other one with the outer diameter of φ48 mm to 180 mm and the length less than or equal to 12.5 m. The annual productions of API 5CT tubings are 150,000 tons and 50,000 tons respectively.
    4. JST owns professionaltubing thread. The thread production line is fitted with petroleum hydrostatic testing. We can process 35, 000 tons of seamless oil pipes annually (φ 60.3 mm to 180 mm).
    5. In order to ensure good quality of our API 5CT tubings, our company uses advanced production and testing equipment from domestic and abroad. We own two sets of domestic ultrasonic testing machines, two sets of hydrostatic press, imported joint detection machines, portable optical spectrum analyzer, desktop spectrometer, magnetic particle inspection machine, complete mechanical property testing equipment, complete metallographic structure analysis equipment, a full set of API standard gauge and non-standard gauge for seamless oil pipes.
    6. We can supply API 5CT tubings in bare, uncoated or with OD/ID coatings such as bitumastic and coal tar epoxy coatings.
    7. We also attach great importance to personnel selection and training. Every one who is in charge of operating the inspection equipment must pass JST exam and get the work license to engage in the production of seamless oil pipes. To enhance the overall quality of staff, JST has relevant trainings each month. Every year, we also invite professionals to train our employees.
    8. Through the JST global network of manufacturing facilities and threading shops, we are able to ensure flexible delivery terms for API 5CT tubings.

Performance of Seamless Oil Pipe
Grade Yield Strength Tensile Strength
Lowest Highest Lowest
P Si Mpa P Si Mpa P Si Mpa
J-55 55000 379 80000 552 75000 517
K-55 55000 379 80000 552 95000 655
N-80 80000 552 110000 758 10000 689
L-80-1 80000 552 95000 655 95000 655
C-90 90000 621 105000 724 10000 689
C-95 95000 655 110000 758 105000 724
T-95 95000 655 110000 758 105000 724
P-110 110000 758 140000 965 125000 862
M-65 65000 448 85000 586 100000 689
80 SS 83000 570 99000 680 100000 689
BN80-T 80000 552 110000 758 100000 689
Technical Parameters of API 5CT Tubing
  Range 1 Range 2 Range 3
Tubing and Casing Used as Tubing 20.0-24.0b 28.0-32.0c 38.0-42.0d
Overall Length Range
Length Range of 100% Carload Lots
Max. Allowable Variation 2.0 2.0 2.0
Integrated Joint Tubing (IJTBG, including IJ/PE and IJ/SF ) 20.0-26.0b 28.0-34.0 38.0-45.0
Overall Length Range
Length Range of 100% Carload Lots
Max. Allowable Variation 2.0 2.0 2.0
  • 1. Allowable variation of carload lots is not applicable for the contract project with less than 40 000lb order quantity. For any one carload lot of 40 000lb or more tubes without transhipment or unloading until the final destination, the allowable variation of carload lot is applicable for each vehicle capacity. If the order quantity of seamless oil pipes is more than 40 000lb, products will be delivered by train but not directly delivered to the final destination. The allowable variation of carload lot is only applicable for overall order quantity, not applicable for single vehicle capacity.
    2. After consultation between purchaser and manufacturer, the maximum length can be increased to 28.0 ft, 34.0 ft or 45.0 ft.

    3. After consultation between purchaser and manufacturer, the pup joint with the length of 2ft can improved to be the one with the length of 3 ft. We can also supply API 5CT tubings with the size negotiated by purchaser and manufacturer.

1. The length unit of seamless oil pipe is inch.
2. The specific specifications refer to the EXCEL table.

Package and TransportationOur company offers three packaging methods for API 5CT tubings, including banding, bin packing and oil coated packing (pipe cap to protect pipe ends, bulkload or container).

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