Talent Concept: Talents are the important resource of making hight quality API steel tube,steel pipe,casing, etc. JST focuses on the development and training of the talents. We establish learning organizations to encourage employees and the enterprise to grow together, and make JST to provide the most attractive products and services for consumers all over the world.

Staff Rules: Loyalty, enthusiasm, hardworking, team work and integrity
Code of Conduct: Only to find a way to success, no excuses for failure.
Innovative Concept: Independent, learning, innovation and surpassing
To provide excellent products and services for global consumers
Management Concept: Respect the individual, reasonable authorization, clear rewards and punishment and set an example
Development Idea: Customer success comes first, and then the development of Changjiang and the world-class enterprise.
Employment Concept: Your loyalty comes first, ability is important and people oriented.
Provide opportunity for employees and let the successful employees have their positions.
Personal Cultivation: Work with passion and get well on with others.
To be scrupulous in separating public from private interests and be an honest man
To be strict with oneself and lenient towards others
To be harmonious and approachable
Constant effort brings success!

Principle of Development and Training The training of JST is based on the post system and employee performance management system. It is implemented by the human resources. JST conducts training for enterprise culture, professional knowledge, job skills and overall quality in a planned way.

Training In order to help new employees to adapt to the new environment and new job as soon as possible, we specially set up a teaching system. The detailed information shows as follows:
  • To arrange an experienced teacher for each new employee.
  • The teacher will create appropriate teaching plan according to your situation and combining with your personal opinions.
  • In the meantime, he will keep close contact with you, and provide various kinds of tutoring programs for you, in order to help you quickly familiar with our company. He will also give some advice for your career development.

Development JST regards the promotion of personal ability and continuous growth of personal value as the important goals of JST talent strategy. JST strives to make progress with their employees together and to share the development. General skills training helps employees better grasp the necessary skills in their daily work of making hight quality API steel tube,steel pipe,casing, etc. , improve office efficiency and strengthen the ability to communicate.

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