API Series

API is the abbreviation of American Petroleum Institute. Established in 1919, it is the first national business association in America. It is also one of the worldwide earliest and most successful business associations to set standards. JST manufactures seamless steel pipes in strict accordance with API product standard, ISO9001 and API quality standard. Thus, our company is awarded with the certificate to produce API steel pipes.

  • API 5CT Tubing and CasingAPI tubing, API 5CT casing and API 5CT coupling stock are indispensable in the well construction. Our seamless steel pipes have received API 5CT, ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certifications. With about 30 years' production experience, Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory...
  • API 5DP Drill PipeThis type of API steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe with screw thread in the pipe end. It is used for connecting ground rig equipment and drilling grinding equipment at the bottom of drilling wells. The main purpose of this seamless steel pipe is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit. It rises up, lowers and rotates together with the drill bit...
  • API 5L Line PipeThis API steel pipe is a kind of steel pipe used for transporting materials through pipelines across the country. This seamless steel pipe can be used to transport petroleum, natural gas, oil and water. It is a durable pipe that must meet certain specifications and regulations. This pipe typically ...
Product Category
  • API 5CT
  • This series of seamless steel pipes mainly includes API 5CT series tubing, API 5CT series casing and API 5CT coupling stock. API 5CT series tubing can transport crude oil and natural gas from the hydrocarbon zone to the pipe on the earth surface. This API steel pipe is featured with uniform wall thickness, high precision, excellent mechanical property and good process performance. This type of seamless steel pipe is extensively applied in oil wells for extracting petroleum or natural gas. API 5CT series casing is mainly used for the casing wall of oil and gas wells. API 5CT coupling stock is typically applicable in the manufacture of pipe couplings.
  • API 5DP
  • The main product of this series of steel tubes is drill pipe. It is a kind of API steel pipe with threaded end, but its intensity must be able to withstand the pressure, torque and other forces caused by drilling. When drilling, this seamless steel pipe transports drilling mud to the drill bit and it elevates and lowers together with the drill bit. The API steel pipe is mainly applied in oil and gas exploration and development, such as in the construction of deep wells, horizontal wells and large-displacement wells. It features fast drilling speed, high drilling efficiency, high torque, smooth operation, convenient and quick disassembly, good sealing performance, high tensile strength, easy installation, etc.
  • API 5L
  • This series of API steel pipes covers line pipe and other special pipes (such as submarine line pipe, PSL-2 line pipe applied in marine and acid corrosion resistant PSL-2 line pipe). The former two seamless steel pipes are quite suitable for transporting marine oil, natural gas, and industrial oil and gas. While the acid corrosion resistant PSL-2 line pipe is typically utilized in oil and gas wells containing H2S corrosion gas.

Founded in 1984, Jiangyin Changjiang Steel Tube Making Factory (JST) is a professional manufacturer of API steel pipes in China. Our seamless steel pipes and special pipes mainly cover casing, tubing or oil pipe, line pipe, drill pipe, high pressure boiler pipe, marine pipe, cylinder tube, hydraulic prop tube, fluid pipe, structure pipe, etc. They have passed API 5CT, API 5L, API 5DP, ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 certifications. Our API steel pipes have won widespread praise and recognition by customers.

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