JST Holds the “Safe Production Month” Activity

June is the thirteenth “safe production month” and also the twenty-first “safe production month” in Jiangsu province. May 31st that is the first day of the “safe production month”, JST organizes all supervisors take part in the meeting of “safe production month” and arranged related work. In this meeting, the leadership takes “safe production month” as an opportunity to vigorously promote safe knowledge. Such as spread safe production knowledge among staffs, further carry forward the safety culture, use responsibility to ensure safety and safety to win honor that all of these advantaged promote the “safe production year” and laid function of the contest of summer one hundred day safety without accidents. By through this activity we should form the vertical to bottom management system and horizontal to sides’ management system. By using the system to achieve self-discipline that is to say we should emphasize the responsibility, constantly enhance the consciousness of responsibility and safety to ensure the equipments running without security problems, the whole running system no accidents. So we should ask all departments to check the security problems carefully, key inspect the implementation of the safety rules, key check the safe of operation, gas system, hoisting equipment, fire-fighting equipment, heatstroke prevention equipment and safeguard equipment and also solve the existing problems in time. In this meeting JST also ask all team leaders to stabilize the staffs’ thought mood in the meeting of before work or after work to ensure all of the staffs take safe as the first thing and responsibility weightier than Mount Tai in whole production process.

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